On Health Care


Massachusetts has one of the best health care infrastructures in the world and our health care reform law has many advantages. Still, medical costs are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy and health insurance alone does not equal health. It is essential that we continue to improve access to high quality health care and that we make it more affordable for all. And we must make disease prevention and health promotion a top priority within the public and private sectors in order to save lives and money.
  • Reduce co-pays and deductibles which serve as deterrents to seeking preventative care leading to most costly treatments down the line;
  • Create incentives to increase the pool of primary care physicians;
  • Work with Governor Patrick's administration to restore Department of Public Health funding that was decimated during the terms of Republican Governors Swift and Romney and make disease prevention a top priority;
  • Work towards a national system of universal health care so that accessible, affordable health care is on par with other important public structures like schools, police and fire services;
  • Seek community approaches to increasing physical activity and access to nutritious affordable food;
  • Seek continuous improvements to our state health reform law, including mental health parity.


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